FreeWorship is a group of people from all walks of life...people from different ethnic, social, economic, and spiritual backgrounds coming together to discover what it means to follow Jesus Christ. People with no religious history are as welcome as those with deep religious backgrounds. Doubts are welcomed. Questions are encouraged. Jesus is real and we want everyone to experience a relationship with Him for themself.


Come as you are and experience a place where the people are friendly, the dress is casual, the worship is authentic, and the messages are real to life.


Experience FreeWorship

.....Experience Authenticity

...Experience Community

...Experience Life

....Experience God


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We are a staff led church. We do have ordained deacons who are called to serve.  We trust our pastor, staff, and deacons to lead under the direction of God.  At FreeWorship, we work as a team.  We have a Financial Team, Praise Team, First Impressions Team, Creative Team, Kidz Ministry Team, Next Step Tent team and other leaders and volunteers who are following their calling.  We believe that everyone has special God-given gifts and talents to serve.


We are a COMMUNITY church meaning that you will not see Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal or any other written on our signage.  We welcome anyone regardless of their denomination or race. We do practice baptism by water submersion and participate in the Lord's Supper or Communion but we refuse to label ourselves. We follow Jesus. If you visit our church, you will see that we may do things differently but we still teach the Word from the Bible.